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Resource Guide: Early Hearing Detection and Intervention

Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Early identification and early intervention are the keys to successful language development. If not detected early, studies have shown that children who are born Deaf or hard of hearing can have delays in speech, language, social skills, and academic achievement. It is important that all infants and young children have a hearing  Read the Rest…


It is sometimes necessary for students who are Deaf or hard of hearing to take advantage of accommodations so that they can fully access their education. Some of these accommodations may include: Preferential Classroom Seating Note-takers Assistive Listening Devices Interpreters Captions Speech Therapy Instruction using sign language For information on early intervention, please refer to: Infants, Children,  Read the Rest…

Audiology and Speech Language Pathology

Audiology is the study and diagnosis of hearing, balance, and related disorders. Audiologists working in this field help treat hearing loss and attempt to preemptively prevent related damage by evaluating patients, administering hearing tests, as well as prescribing and dispensing hearing aids and other hearing assistance technologies such as cochlear implants. Audiologists can also help  Read the Rest…

The Customer Service Promise
The State of Maryland pledges to provide constituents, businesses, customers, and stakeholders with services in the following manner:
  • Friendly and Courteous: We will be helpful and supportive and have a positive attitude and passion for what we do.
  • Timely and Responsive: We will be ​proactive, take initiative, and anticipate your needs.
  • ​Accurate and Consistent: We will always aim for 100% accuracy, and be consistent in how we interpret a​nd implement state policies and procedures.
  • Accessible and Convenient: ​We will continue to simplify and improve access to information and resources.
  • Truthful and Transparent: We will advance a culture of honesty, clarity and trust.

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