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March is Women’s History Month

Image with words Deaf Women United with half a sun

Deaf Women United declares March as an annual worldwide recognized month that highlights the contributions of Deaf Women to events in history and contemporary society.

DWU will spotlight 31 Deaf Women that have made significant contributions either as an advocate, artist, athlete, educator, entrepreneur and/or trailblazer.

To learn more: Deaf Women United

ODHH’s Monthly Bulletin – 2015 Volume 2

NEW! Person of the Month

ODHH is excited about this new feature of our Monthly Bulletin. We will be highlighting the Person of the Month. We will honor a person from the community who deserves to be recognized by his or her involvement with the community and ODHH.

If you know someone who deserves this recognition, please nominate by clicking HERE.

March 25 is Maryland Day!

 Maryland Day commemorates March 25, 1634. On that day, settlers disembarked from two small sailing ships – the Ark and the Dove – on to Maryland soil. At St. Clement’s Island, they landed in what is now St. Mary’s County, Maryland.

Click Here to learn more.

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